About Pablo

A bandoneon found place in Pablo’s lap when he was barely eight years of age, a young boy who could hardly hold the mysterious device by himself. Since then they have been inseparable. The responsible was his father, who was able to see his son’s fascisnation of it’s sounds. With the bellows, tango was manifested in his life.

An emblematic instrument that is capable interpreting the feelings of nostalgia and distant solitude, themes that were common among immigrants stories.

Tango and bandoneon are the two sides of a coin: It cant be understood without the other. The latter looks for tango and although it flirts with all the music, they are an unbreakable pair.

A virtuoso player is the one who can take the reins of this marriage since it’s so complex and rich as it’s hard and rewarding, just like learning the instrument itself.

Pablo Di Lauro achieves this and goes far beyond, capable of unfolding skills during his performances that many dont dare even try: He’s one of the few handful of bandoneonists that can voice while playing, a complete heartfelt voice along with the wonderful sounds of the bellows, attaining a unique interpretation.

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